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Are you an avid reader? Do you find that Young Adult fiction reads too much like high school, and Romance is somewhere just past where you are in life? Are you a fan of theater, of theme parks, or of neuro-divergent and LGBT characters? Have you resigned yourself to reading the same three stories on Archive of Our Own, over and over, until you die?

Look no further!

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Your Hand In Mine Pre Orders

Your Hand In Mine is officially available for Pre-Order! Due to some delays with IngramSpark, we’ve had a bit of a late start. No worries, though! Pre-Orders are officially open, and will be open throughout March. Books will ship out Monday, April 4th. Follow the link below to my Square Site to place your preorder!…

Your Hand In Mine Cover Reveal

It’s finally here! I’m so excited! Only a few more steps until this baby is ready for preorder! (For a Bonus: Check out the back cover on my Instagram at SimiHoneybee)

Your Hand In Mine Book Summary

Is everyone excited for this book? I’m positively glowing I’m so psyched! Check out the summary below, and stay tuned for the book cover reveal! “Gemma has always thought of Beckett as an antagonistic diva. Working with him is one of the worst parts of her job– until she finally tells him to adjust his…

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