Stephanie Surma has been writing since her early childhood, everything from fan fiction, to literary magazine in high school, to original content on her blog. She hopes to speak to an audience of people like herself who struggle to relate to characters in mainstream fiction, but wish to read mainstream-style stories with less-than-mainstream characters.

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Some Days Are Diamonds

In Stephanie’s upcoming debut novel, find out how Elle Williams discovers that she’s worthy of being loved.


The Theatre On Main

In this charming little dinner theater on Main Street, love isn’t only to be found on the stage. It’s more than just a great meal and phenomenal entertainment that brings these couples together!

Whiley World

There’s more to than meets the eye to this whimsical amusement park. Behind the zany characters and colorful parades, the Costuming Team and the Performers struggle to see eye to eye. That doesn’t stop love from blossoming wherever it pleases!

The Unseelie Wars

In this post-apocalyptic fantasy series, follow the epic adventures of extraordinary women who face odds the likes of which they’d never dreamed; discover how the battle between good and evil comes with a price; and find that whenever love is involved, it always finds a way.

Stand Alone Works

Death of A Bachelor– Coming Soon

In Want of a Wife– Coming Soon