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Your Hand In Mine Book Summary

Is everyone excited for this book? I’m positively glowing I’m so psyched! Check out the summary below, and stay tuned for the book cover reveal!

“Gemma has always thought of Beckett as an antagonistic diva. Working with him is one of the worst parts of her job– until she finally tells him to adjust his attitude. Suddenly, he treats her like she’s the only person on the Whiley World Costuming team he likes. When the job position promised to her goes to someone else, Gemma’s shocked to discover Beckett’s supportive and friendly attitude toward her. But what reason would he have to be so kind?
Beckett doesn’t like people in general, but something about Gemma makes his head spin. He wants nothing more than to ask her out, but after such a rocky start, how can he hope to win her over? Will she even look his way? Or has he already ruined any chance he may have had with his horrible social skills?
With Beckett keeping her steady, it’s easy for Gemma to find herself falling for him. But one wrong move could mean losing him completely– or so she thinks.”

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Some Days Are Diamonds Audiobook

Due to several requests for this, Some Days Are Diamonds is now in the process of becoming an audiobook! I’ll be narrating the audiobook myself, per request from my friends (and fans!)

The current plan is to release the audiobook in April, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as things progress. To follow the recording journey more closely, find me on Insta or TikTok as SimiHoneybee!

Also, if you want a readthrough with author commentary, I plan to do live readings on TikTok once I hit 5k followers! The lives will also be streamed on YouTube, where you can rewatch them anytime!

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New Book Announcement!

Ladies and gentlemen and those beyond the binary, the time has come to announce my next novel!

Your Hand In Mine will be available for pre-order by Valentine’s day. Stay tuned for the cover reveal, synopsis, a sneak peek, and more! Follow me on Instagram (SimiHoneybee) or Facebook (Stephanie Surma Books) for real-time updates, fun facts, and to share your thoughts with me and other fans.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for updates on Some Days Are Diamonds as I republish it with a new publishing company!

Happy Holidays!

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Pre-Orders Opening!

Ladies and Gentlemen and those in between, Pre-Orders for Some Days Are Diamonds will be available on Amazon on Sunday, for both Ebook and Paperback! Also coming Sunday, an excerpt from the first chapter of the book!

Some Days Are Diamonds will also be available at the end of September in your favorite book stores and libraries. You may need to request it, but it can be sent to any book store! They’ll know what to do! I’ll post more about this once the time comes.

If you haven’t already seen my Book Cover or Synopsis, check those out. Also, feel free to check out my Bio and FAQ for more about me.

Stick around for updates and exclusive content!

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Book Cover Reveal!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, she’s HERE!

I cannot thank my very dear friend, Josh Williams, for his tireless work on this book cover. The design is everything I want it to be and more! I keep referring to it as “my sonogram” to my friends and family, because really– and forgive my excitement– LOOK AT MY BABY!!!

Some Days Are Diamonds will be available for Pre-Order very soon! I’ll also be posting an exclusive excerpt from the novel on here next week! Keep an eye out here or on my other social media for updates.